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Our story

We’re a team of 2 girls living in 2 different countries with 2 different time zones, but with one shared dream - to make the world we live in a better place.

With a love for education, a desire to do something good and exposure to a pressing issue that’s often overlooked, what started off as a group project for a module during our Master’s degree at the London School of Economics has evolved into a small start-up with big ambitions and great potential for positive impact.

Working collaboratively through the long distances (thank you Whatsapp and Skype!), we challenge, encourage and motivate, doing our best, to make our Educase vision a reality.

Meet The Team

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Vedika Murarka


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Neha Ahmed


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We believe that the greatest of ideas come through collaboration.

Throughout the Educase journey we've collaborated and partnered with these individuals and organisations, who have contributed to this cause in one way or another.

Tim Brann | Product Design

Jonah Maxted | Product Development

Buki Sule

Philbert Zhang

Arriana Yiallourides